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Updated on Dec 5. 2016
Will keep basic information updated here, so keep peeking (Not at me... LOL)

I was born in 1970.
I’m 5’11”.
No piercings or tattoos, natural 38C breasts, and dark pubes.
I have no siblings.
I enjoy writing erotica and assist with some editing.

I have been a pilot for 15 years with over 900 hours logged.
Work part time as a 911 Operator/Dispatcher/Jailer, Also part time as a Driver's Ed Instructor (Driving portion)
Am self-trained in several massage therapy methods.
As of Nov 29, I am also a certified EMT and a volunteer FF/EMT
Former nude model/entertainer

I am here for casual/adult chat, to share photos and stories, and make some good friends. Also, I like to occasionally share humor and personal posts.

Have been told I am a good listener, so lean on me if needed via PM.

Bisexual since my teens.
Have enjoyed giving men oral sex since age 14, and will usually swallow if asked. I can deepthroat 6 inches rather easily if not really thick.
Also like giving handjobs to completion, and seeing guys cum on their chest or abdomen.
Gave up the V card at 16.
Prefer slow lovemaking with sensual foreplay, but hard and fast can be good.
I enjoy anal sex at times but only can handle about 5 inches comfortably.
Cumming on my body is fine, just not into facials.

Enjoy Swimming, dancing, jogging, bowling, and of course, SEX

No phone or webcam sex requests, please respect this. Those are reserved for whomever I am dating.

I was married to Kevin from April 13, 1989, until he died on Aug 1st, 2015 (26 years). He suffered a severe stroke that affected his brain stem, which left him unable to speak for his final 3 weeks. He could only blink his eyes. It was SO hard to see that happen.

Twin Daughters Lexie and Lisa were born July 1992

Lost my Mom Sept 1, 2006
Lost Dad and Daughter Lisa BOTH on March 10th, 2013
She was on her way to the hospital to join us as he was passing on, and was killed by a drunken driver when he slammed into her driver's door. She was only 20. Lexie is the ONLY immediate family member left to me. Despite my losses, I try to keep an upbeat attitude, but it is tough at times.

Dating Allen steadily since March 2016. Have known him as a friend for about 2 years. Things are going really good. We have a very passionate sex life, and enjoy any time we share together.

Lexie is also bisexual, and dating a really nice young man.

You DO NOT have my permission to repost any of my pictures.
It is considered a violation of my privacy.

Allie Cat

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Allie Cat

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